Couple Recreates First Time to Celebrate 55th Wedding Anniversary: They Giggled the Entire Time

Couple Recreates First Time to Celebrate 55th Wedding Anniversary: ‘They Giggled the Entire Time’

Coach anyone how to more than 50 years since Elmer and Fran Armstrong first achieved at a Missouri Burger “n Tremble in 62. Now, as they gear up to celebrate 55 years of marriage, his passion birds decided to go back to where the magic started out.

Courtney Stepp, the couple’s 24-year-old granddaughter, says your woman came up with the idea to image her grandma and grandpa, both 76, as they recreated their primary date with the local eatery. She says the woman had observed the story with their sweet meet-cute several times as being a kid, and wanted to give the “remarkable” couple a chance to take action all once again – these times, on camera.

“I wished to do something distinctive for them since they’re remembering their 55th anniversary this season and I thought this would be excellent unique, inches Stepp instructs PEOPLE.

“They just cherished the idea. I actually said, “Let’s do a take photographs like your primary date! ‘ They were on with it. very well

In Mar 1962, Elmer and Fran pulled up to a St . Paillette Steak “n Shake independently with good friends, according to Stepp. Because it was pouring, Fran seated in her car together with the windshield wipers at top speed, prompting Elmer to deal with her and say, “Excuse me, pass up. Your car windows wipers happen to be squeaking. ”

A young Fran replied jokingly: “Yea, simply no kidding. ”

The two organizations merged inside, having hamburgers and blood milkshakes, matching to ABC News. Elmer and Fran wed one year later, on August 22, 1963.

Although the unique Steak “n Shake is long gone, Stepp took her grandparents to a single of it is other places in St Louis. Generally there, the few enjoyed hamburgers and blood milkshakes once again.

“It really was cool to just watch them relive their 1st date. They may have such good love for each other which true love can easily truly last, ” Stepp tells PEOPLE. “They were giggling and laughing all the time. They were virtually cracking up. ”

Images from the take showed the Armstrongs posting a milkshake and holding hands at the table. When Stepp launched the images to the few, “they assumed they were really sweet, ” she says.

Right now, Stepp says she hopes to present the photos with her grandparents within an official recording on their 55th wedding anniversary. For the moment, she says, Elmer and Fran are experiencing life since Internet sounds thanks to the photographs.

“I got no idea it absolutely was gonna have this popular, very well Stepp explains to PEOPLE of the photographs. “These happen to be my grandpa and grandma that social media is blowing up about. They are people that genuinely deserve the attention. They’re just truly amazing people and truly care about everyone they encounter. ”